Registration Inquiry

We discovered an issue where assistants of executives were only able to register once for one person via the link. I tested this out and came across the same issue. If I registered from my computer for one person, I am unable to register on that same computer for another individual. Is there a work around for this? Or will it always be tied to the one time use for registration from the same computer?

I am also interested in this. The only workaround I know is to use the Manage Registration feature on the Registration tab, which requires upload of an Excel spreadsheet. If we have several people building lists, this becomes cumbersome and it would be easier if they could just fill out the reg form.

The system drops a cookie when you click on the link so that it knows if you have already registered. If you wanted to load up multiple registrants it is possible without the need to click on the link multiple times.

I was just thinking about the handful of one offs that you or an assistant may get. It doesn’t really merit uploading the excel template, but also not worth clearing your cache over.

Maybe, but I have never had the need to register multiple people from my own machine. If other members of staff want to watch I always forward the original url, that way we get the full analytics without them being skewed.

And also to note as it has dropped the cookie, it makes it easier for that person to register in future without the need to fill in the registration form. There are merits to getting people to register themselves. Even if they are CEOs and the like.

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